Turkish Gift Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish gift, Turkey gift manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality gift from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

ERSOYLAR HEDIYELIK ESYA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Necmettin ERSOY    
s trinkets, giftwores, giftwares, gifts, promotions, fezs, chesses, bags, lanterns, ceramic products, backgammons, hookhas, casting products, cooper products, stone products, jewelleries, jewelries, regional products, jewels, leather products, turkish delights, turkish bath sets, wooden arts, wooden boats, hand bags, backpacks, chandeliers, lambaders, wall lamps, chandelier sets, camel necks, table lanterns, candle holder, ceramic giftware products, casting giftware products, cooper giftware, turkish delight, gift, jewellery, giftware, promotion, bag, jewelry, jewel, turkish bath set, chess, casting product, backpack, hand bag, leather product, chandelier, ceramic product, wall lamp, lambader, lantern, cooper giftware products, leather giftware products, wooden giftware products, giftware delights, giftware jewels, giftware bags, giftware stone products, stone giftware products, giftware lanterns, giftware jewelleries, giftware jewelries, giftware wooden boats, giftware hookhas, giftware fezs, giftware backgammons, trinket, giftwore, fez, backgammon, hookha, cooper product, stone product, regional product, wooden art, wooden boat, chandelier set, camel neck, table lantern, candle holde, ceramic giftware product, casting giftware product, cooper giftware product, leather giftware product, wooden giftware product, giftware delight, giftware jewel, giftware bag, giftware stone product, stone giftware product, giftware lantern, giftware jewellery, giftware jewelry, giftware wooden boat, giftware hookha, giftware fez, giftware backgammon
SALCO IMPEX LTD.        Hong Kong     HARESH SONNEY    
s baby strollers, garment, garments, gift, gifts and promotion, home textile, home textiles, promotional items, textile, textiles
HILAL AYNA VE PLASTIK SAN.        Türkiye     cengiz demir    
s glass cutting, mirror cut, cosmetic packaging, promotional mirrors, headlights, blush, powder, custom printing, injection molding, mold design, plastic packaging, gift, promotion, hand mirror, pocket mirror, purse mirror, handle mirror
ZUMRUT ART OF GLASS        Türkiye     Muhlis Can    
s craft, decoration, decorative, gift, giftware, glassware, home decoration, kitchenware, ornament, souvenir, tableware, touristic gift
PAPYRUS ARIN CO. LTD.        Mısır     amro el awady    
s muslim papyrus, souviner, egyptian papyrus, papyrus calendar, coaster, pad, gift, mother of pearl box, backgammon, chess, abanos stick
STAR BONCUK        Türkiye     terlan kaya    
s gift, gifts, souvenir, souvenirs, giftware, giftwares
TASCI TICARET        Türkiye     hüseyin taşçı    
s houseware, housewares, gift, gifts, gift products
DORSACO        İran     mojgan zand    
s general goods, foodstuff, garments, foods, furniture, gift, shoes, bags, jewelery
s biscuits, candy, chocolate, chocolate cream, food, gift, sugar, sweet olives
GSPCO        İran     Farrokhrad ALI    
s auto motive spare parts, electrical componnent, gift, handicrafts, home apliance
AKSER SERAMIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tolga KILIÇASLAN    
s decorative products, ceramic products, giftwares, promotional products, vases, bibelots, gifts, giftware bibelots, giftware vases, decorative product, ceramic product, giftware, promotional product, vase, bibelot, gift, giftware bibelot, giftware vase, ceramic promotional products, ceramic bibelots, ceramic vases, ceramic promotional product, ceramic bibelot, ceramic vase
s fusion glass, laminated glass, water jet, glass, gift, hotel equipment, handmade glass, art glass, fusing glass, flat glass, hotel equipment
KEMERBURGAZ OFIS VE OKUL GERECLERI A.S.        Türkiye     Mert Bey    
s stationery, business stationery, cards personalized, custom stationery, invitations stationery, kids stationery, notebook, office, office supplies, paper stationery, pen, personalised stationery, personalized stationery, printed stationery, promotional, school stationery, sets personalized, stationary, stationerys, stationery cards, stationery design, stationery file, stationery gifts, stationery items, stationery note, stationery notebooks, stationery set, stationery shops, stationery stores, stationery supplies, stationery website, stationery writing, boxed stationery, book, school supplies, office requisites, tags, stickers, kids labels, tattoos, stands, school paint, writing instruments, tapes adhesives, art supplies, hobby supplies, gift, blister sets, serve, lamy, zebra, fimo, moleskine, simulators, amos, sheaffer, caretta
CPI DIS TICARET LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s advertising pen, advertising products, advertising promotional, advertising specialties, branded gift, branded promotional, brands, business gifts, business pens, business promotional, corporate gifts, corporate promotional, custom pens, customized promotional, gift, gift pen, giveaway, giveaway items, imprinted pens, logo gifts, logo pens, marketing giveaways, marketing pen, marketing promotional, pen, personalized pencils, personalized pens, personalized promotional, premium gift, printed pens, printed promotional, product promotions, products logo, promo, promotion, promotional, promotional bags, promotional executive, promotional gifts, promotional logo, promotional mugs, promotional pens, souvenir, unique promotional, gift, souvenir, promotion, promotional, pen, promotional gifts, corporate gifts, promotional bags, advertising products, advertising pen
KITAY AMBALAJ MATBAA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s box, box corrugated, box packing, boxes, cardboard, cardboard box, cardboard gift, cardboard packaging, cardboard packing, cardboard shipping, carton, chocolate, clear box, corrugated, corrugated packaging, custom box, custom corrugated, display boxes, gift, gift box, jewellery boxes, jewellery packaging, jewelry boxes, kraft, lids, mailing boxes, pack, package, packaging, packaging box, packaging supplies, paper box, paper gift, plain boxes, plastic gift, presentation box, printed box, printed cardboard, retail box, shipping boxes, small cardboard, small gift, small packaging, supplies boxes, white gift, wrap
KUTAY KUTU SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Sofia Muftuoglu    
s bags, bags and boxes, box, box corrugated, box packing, boxes, cardboard, cardboard box, cardboard gift, cardboard packaging, cardboard packing, cardboard shipping, carton, chocolate, clear box, corrugated, corrugated packaging, custom box, custom corrugated, display boxes, gift, gift box
IMECE REKLAM TANITIM        Türkiye         
s promotional, promotion, pens, promo, giveaways, gift, gifts, pen, custom, marketing, logo, corporate, advertising, imprinted, promotionals, top promotional, promotional giveaways, personalised promotional, promotional industry, new promotional, cool promotional, promotional inc, premium promotional, sports promotional, medical promotional, promotion of, promotional catalog, customizable promotional, promotional golf, promotional giveaway, tops promotional, promotional calendars, promotional items, promotional item, items promotional, promotion item, promotional gifts, promotional gift, promotion gifts, promotion gift, gift promotions, gift promotion, business promotional, promotional business
s souvenirs, promotional products, keyring, pencil, pen, calendar, date book, watch, bag, lighter, metal boxes, mini radio, gift
LIDER PLASTIK PROMOSYON TIC.        Türkiye         
s calendar, promotion, table desk, mousepad, coaster, secretarial, folders, textile bags, medical products, zipper bags, transparent files, spare-button, menu container, account desk, addition, card holders, adhesive products, luggage tag, cd album, magazine holder, american service, cases of doctors, badges, dictionary, carrying container, presentation file, swatch bag, case types, charms, pencil case, snap file, photo case, license container, passport container, marriage wallets, special leather products, invitation, packaging group products, gift
ETKIN PROMOSYON SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s promotion, gift, plastic